1. What’s included? 
    🔥 Foldable Grill   
    🔥 6 Skewers    
    🔥 Large Tongs                                   
    🔥 Small Tongs     
    🔥 Brush           
    🔥 Hand Fan 
    🔥 Bottom Grate   
    🔥 Top Grate     
    🔥 Travel Bag

  2. Is it Stainless Steel? 
    Yes, all metal based items are 100% food grade Stainless Steel

  3. What are the dimensions?
    Measures 11.5" by 20", providing 230 square inches cooking space.  It strikes the perfect balance between portability and functionality. Can feed 10-12 people. 

  4. Is it a charcoal based grill?
    Yes, designed to work with charcoal, it comes with a charcoal grate that ensures efficient heat distribution and enhances the grilling experience. 

  5. How durable is The Simple Grill?
    Crafted with premium-quality thick stainless steel, making it highly durable and built to last. We prioritize quality to ensure that your grilling adventures are long-lasting.

  6. Warranty? 
    Absolutely! We provide a 1-year warranty

  7. How do we clean it? 
    Grab a friend, hold by the legs, and flip the grill upside down to dump ash. Dust off the ash with a rag, and you are good to go.